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Culture Change
Straight From The Coach

He made us a TEAM. He willed our team to never give up, play at a high level all the time, and not tolerate mediocrity or selfishness. Earnest epitomized the phrase “say what do and do what you say”.
We became an electric team, making the playoffs. Then came “The Fumble” which has been immortalized. Lindy Infante, the offensive coordinator asked for a play, and Earnest suggested 45 trap. It worked with a giant hole. Earnest had an easy path to the goal line which would have put us into the lead with time left. Oops, our receiver loaded on the play and his DB just happened to turn around and inadvertently stuck his arm out as he was swinging his body around. It punched the ball out and they recovered.
One of our guys was lazy and the Broncos dumped into the fumble and the Super Bowl Trip. It was crushing for the Browns. What was even sad were the moments on our sideline. There on the bench sat Earnest Byner all by himself with his head in his lap lamenting what had just happened. I noticed him and felt so much empathy for his loss. I couldn’t help myself, so I went and sat beside him, put my arm around him, and told him that we wouldn’t have been there without him. “you have meant everything to what we have become as a team”. The joy of victory and agony of defeat were captured in those moments, I still feel the pain for Earnest because his spirit didn’t deserve that. He meant so much to so many during his playing time in the NFL!

I love you Earnest Byner, Howard Mudd.

Earnest Byner’s Everybody Fumbles

Earnest Byner Everybody fumbles
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Earnest Byner

“Marty Schottenheimer gave me the understanding of the game of being a man of being the absolute best that I could be every single day. He knew something about me I did not know and taught it to me. He gave me the platform to show everything I could give.”

A true friend, teacher, and mentor

Earnest and Marty